Learn Yoga STEP BY STEP with our methodical, safe and tested method!
  • increase your strength
  • increase your flexibility
  • improve your balance
  • lower your stress
  • shape and tone your body
  • improve your mood
  • alleviate pain
  • lose weight
  • feel better


YogaWorks for Beginners
This four week series of 90-minute classes is for new yoga students of all fitness levels ~ including those who have never set foot on a yoga mat.  You will learn all of the basic yoga poses for a safe and effective yoga class in a step-by-step process with other beginners.


Each week we build on what we learned the previous week, so by "graduation" you will feel more comfortable in a group yoga class.  


This class is also ideal for those who have injured themselves in the past doing yoga or have been away from their mat for a while.  You will learn or relearn proper foundation "from the ground up" so you can return to your practice with new found knowledge and ease.


Best of all each participant will be given a 2 class pass (a $36 value) at YOGA THAT to practice what you have learned beween sessions or after the series at our studio.


The cost of the 4 class workshop is $80.  Also makes a great gift.


Upcoming Beginner Session Dates and Times


Start Time    

Week 1    

Week 2     

Week 3        

Week 4      

Sunday 2pm Oct 5th Oct 12th  Oct. 19th Oct. 26th
Sunday 2pm Nov. 2nd Nov. 9th Nov. 16th Nov. 23rd
Common question beginner's have about this workshop.