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Using physical alignment as a starting point, Iyengar Yoga encourages the spread of intelligence throughout the body, the growth of self-awarness, and an experience of the asanas (postures) as a form of “meditation in action”. Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers know how to guide students of all ages and abilities. A deep seated understanding and experience of the asanas (postures) allow instructors to teach appropriately to the group in front of them, whether they are younger, older, athletic or have physical limitations.

Iyengar Levels:

Beginner’s Series (Best for new or returning students)

Level 1 ~ Basics and Gentle Basics (Best for those with some experience and those who prefer a class focussed on the fundamentals)

Multi-Level ~ Beginners Welcome and Progressing (Best for those who have some experience in Iyengar Yoga and who are currently practicing or working toward Headstand, Shoulder Stand)

Level 2 (best for those with 6 months or more of regular Iyengar Yoga practice and can Headstand and Shoulder Stand)


ALIGNMENT YOGA ~ Basics and Multi-Level

Taught by teachers who practice and study Iyengar Yoga. These classes focus on going deep, layer by layer into the precise alignment of each pose.  Postures, including inversions, are practiced and modifications are always offered. This is a fantastic class for those who are ready to move their pratice to a whole new level.



For those who would like to recharge their batteries, take it easy but still get a nice stretch.  In Gentle Therapeutics uses supported and passive postures using an assortment of props.  this allows the body to naturally release, letting go of held tension and stress.  The results are a balanced state of being form inside out.  Appropriate at any age, stage of life, and or physical condition.  An excellent choice for seniors, students suffering from chronic illness or injuries, and those newer to yoga.



A balance of precise instruction and detailed alignment with fluid breath and movement.  Each class is carefully themed to deepen your experience of yoga and to increase both your flexibility and strength.  Offering a mix of flowing and held  postures these classes are skillfully sequenced with modifications and props offered to individualize your practice.



Influenced by Anusara Yoga these classes assist students of all levels to work on their alingment in each posture as will as strengthen and open the hips, legs, back and and shoulders.  Practice all categories of postures including inversions.  In some classes pranayama breathing, mantras and meditaion are introduced.





We offer well thought out classes to provide you with a safe, inspired and enjoyable yoga experience.

We encourage our stedents to work their way through our STEP BY STEP process.

STEP 1  

  • Beginner’s Series ~ 4 Session Introductory Series plus 2 extra classes. Takes students a thorough and step by step introduction to the fundamentals of all the basic postures.

Step 2

  • Level 1 ~ “Basics” and “Gentle Basics” ~ Build strength and cultivate flexibility in basic postures – learn more advanced postures and work up to inversions  leading up to shoulder stand.. (Beginner’s Series recommended but not required)

Step 3 

  • Multi Level  “Beginners Welcome” and “Progressing” ~ For continued deepening and progression in practice. Introduction to more advanced twists, backbends & inversions.(experience in Level 1 recommended but not requried)

Step 4  

  • Level 2 ~ Intermediate for those progressing in all postures with longer holdings and variations.(Inappropriate for beginners)
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