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Benefits of Yoga in Miami for this Summer season.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We all know by now the amazing benefits that yoga has to offer, with sequences and postures as well as its breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga can strengthen the body and mind and has a long history of health benefits for any one and practically any age. With regular practice throughout the year, your body will become accustomed to the movements and it becomes easier to do. Keeping your body warm and moving during the fall/winter months to avoid stiff joints and muscles is obvious, but what about the summer? Yoga in the summertime has some awesome advantages, so here is a list of the benefits of yoga in the summer. Time to do yoga Miami style!

-Flexibility– With increased heat, your muscles become more loose which makes the stretching aspects of yoga easier to do.

-Builds Strength– Yoga can build strength and with warmth your blood flow is more which lets your muscles work more efficiently.

-Acclimation to Summer Heat-Performing yoga in the Summer heat can help your body adjust to warmer temperatures,

-Detoxification– When the body sweats, toxins are being released to naturally cleanse your body.

-Increases Your Blood Flow– As mentioned before, when your body is hot it will increase the blood flow which helps with muscles, joints/ligaments and heart health.

-Better Hydration– As the body sweats the more you need to drink water, which helps you focus on staying hydrated more often.

-Stress reduction– Because your mental strength will be better equipped to deal with hot summer days and you won’t stress as much.

-More Relaxation– After a long yoga session, your body will usually feel as if it did a lot of work which then will make you feel accomplished and satisfied for you to be able to better relax.

-Better Mood– With your mental and physical self more relaxed you will definitely feel a better mood. With all of the toxins and stress released, you will feel like a new person after a nice hot session.

-Have A More Active Summer– With doing yoga when it’s hot outside will help lessen the shock of it actually being hot outdoors which means your summer will be more active for outdoor activities because your body will be used to it.

Of course doing yoga in the summer you will still benefit from things like better posture, range of motion and spine protection. So really, yoga all year long is the best option to keep your body and mind healthy and happy. Yoga in the summer is certainly doable and no one should stop just because it is hot outside, so grab your water, mat and a towel for your sweat and get moving!

by: Santiago S.

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