Workshops and Special Classes


We offer monthly workshops led by guest Iyengar Yoga teachers and others to help you improve your practice. Workshops usually focus on a specific area such as backbends, hip opening, or other special topics. They last for a few hours but what you learn lasts forever!

Take Your Practice Higher!


~ Guest Teacher Saturday's ~

Intermediate Iyengar Yoga Workshop

with Lara Warren

Moving Forward by Bending Backward!

Take your practice to a whole new place!

Using fundamental concepts and organizing principles central to Iyengar Yoga, such as abduction and compaction, extension and expansion, mobility and stability, Lara will take you through a dynamic sequence of poses, building up to a “peak” asana.

Lara Warren is a certified Senior Intermediate Iyengar teacher who has taught yoga in New York and worldwide since 1989. She started her yoga practice in 1981 at the age of 13 while living in the United Kingdom. When she moved to New York in 1989, she started formally studying Iyengar Yoga at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York with Senior teacher Mary Dunn. She opened her own studio in 1994 and began teaching at the Iyengar Yoga Institute on faculty in 1998, where she has been teaching ever since. She began biannual trips to Pune in 2003 to study regularly with the Iyengar family and assist in medical classes. She has taught and mentored teachers-in-training for the past 16 years and is currently co-director of the Iyengar Yoga mentorship program: The Wisdom Body.

Lara communicates her enthusiasm for yoga through an energetic and focused teaching style, demonstrating each pose beautifully and precisely. Lara welcomes all students, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, and works with each individual to realize their full potential.

Saturday, October 24th,

2 – 4 pm

Reservations Required

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